YouTube Copyright Claims (Content ID)

Content ID is where an artist claims copyright to their music for tracks that are used on YouTube.  To protect my customers, I've had to claim the Content ID on my music for Rebecca Reads Recordings so that you can clear your videos as easily as possible.  A few people have illegally claimed my copyright in the past.  This caused many of my customers on YouTube to get copyright strikes.  It takes longer to sort out a false claim, which brings added stress for both the customer and artist.

I aim to make the process of clearing my music for your videos as smooth as possible. 

Here are 2 different ways to clear your videos on YouTube:

Option 1
1) Dispute the claim on YouTube by clicking on the “matched third party content” notice and then “file a dispute.”

2) Select “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.”

3) In the “Reason for dispute” box, state that you purchased a royalty free license from Rebecca Reads Recordings (along with the website address where you ordered from), and provide the order number and date of purchase.

Option 2
Contact me directly to help assist you in disputing the claim.  Send me a message through the contact form with a few details (please include the date you purchased the music, email address you used to place the order, etc.).


Claims are normally cleared within 24-96 hours.