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Standard Music License

Royalty Free  |  Commercial Use Music  |  non-PRS/PRO

What Does Royalty Free Mean?

Royalty Free music allows you (the purchaser) to pay only one time for a music license.  You can then use the music for as long as desired.  


I've created a unique music license ideal for small businesses & start-ups that will give you more flexibility, including public performance of music (see below).


Standard Music License

I will not ask for any future royalties of the music that's on offer.  I ask that you only use it for your own business, and that you don't use this music in freelancing work, multiple businesses, franchise, or app creation.  This music is not allowed to be sold or given away. For any uses not listed below, contact me to arrange a custom license.   


Allowed Uses

Guided meditation (voice-over) CD/DVD/Download/Streaming

Audiobook (voice-over) CD/DVD/Download/Streaming

Video (1 YouTube channel) (DVD/Download/Streaming)

Podcast (streaming)

Therapy & coaching session

Yoga & fitness studio



Bed & Breakfast

Restaurant & cafe

Waiting room



Music on hold

Business & student presentations

Dance performance & Catwalk


Multi-Use, Apps, TV & Advertising

Multiple businesses, business chains, use in a franchise, music for apps, tv, radio, or a product not listed above, and any paid advertising are required to purchase a separate license.  Please get in touch for a quote!


Music copyright belongs to Rebecca Reads Recordings.  You don't need to publicly display this information, however any credit is greatly appreciated!



If you have any questions, see the FAQ page for more information, or contact Rebecca anytime.  I aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours.