Music License FAQ

Rebecca  Reads  Recordings

Royalty Free  |  Commercial Use Music  |  non-PRS/PRO

Background music for: guided meditation, yoga class, video, spa, coaching, presentation, retreat, podcast, shop, hypnosis and more...

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I use this as background music for meditations I want to sell?

Yes, you can use this music with voice-over for guided meditations, hypnosis, affirmations, guided exercise, etc. 

You will have permission to sell or give away your meditations to end-users for their personal use (not created for other businesses). 

I need a different track length. Can you lengthen or shorten a track?

Contact me to get your track length adjusted (up to 1 hour max).  You can adjust the music as needed yourself, or I can do this for you.

Track length adjustment incurs a small extra charge.

Can I sell or give away this music?

No, this music license does not include selling music, giving away music, or playing music in app products.  If you need music for this purpose contact me anytime to arrange a custom quote. I have very reasonable rates and can create custom music!

Can I use this music in my fitness studio business or therapy practice?

Yes! I created this music to give people an affordable, hassle free option to play background music in their business, royalty free & PRS free. This offer is for 1 business premises only (business chains require a separate license).

Will I own this music exclusively, or can other people use this music too?

This music is non-exclusive, which means other people can also use these tracks for their projects.  The music copyright belongs to the composer/Rebecca Reads Recordings.  f you need music exclusively for your project, contact me anytime for a free quote!

Can I get a copy of the music license with my business details?

If you need a copy of the music music license with your business name for your records, I'm happy to provide this for you.  

Contact me anytime to arrange. 

What is Royalty Free music?

Royalty free means you (the purchaser) only need to pay once for the music license and you can use the music for as long as you need to. It's a simple way to make music licensing easy and affordable. 

Can I use this music in an app I am creating?

As long as you include a voice-over (like a guided meditation, hypnosis) with this background music, you can use it in an app for 1 business.  If you need music without voice-over for your app, contact me to arrange your custom license!

Can I use this music in my YouTube videos?

Yes!  As long as it is for your own business (1 YouTube channel) you can use this music in your channel.  Click here for more information on YouTube music copyright claims and Content ID.

How do I release a copyright claim on YouTube?

Click here for instructions on how to release claims on your YouTube videos.

Do you provide music for TV, film, radio, or paid advertising?

Music for TV, film, radio, or paid advertising requires a custom license.  Contact me anytime to arrange.

Do you create custom music?

If you need an intro theme or a unique piece of music,  or just have a special request, let me know a little about your project and I will get back with a quote asap!