Help For Wellness Professionals Coronavirus Covid-19


This is a difficult time for hardworking wellness professionals.  I want to offer help as a musician to yoga instructors, personal coaches, therapists, or anyone needing to move more of their business online during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.


Background Music

If you are looking for background music in your YouTube videos, guided meditations, hypnosis, podcasts, or live-stream, Rebecca Reads Recordings might have the musical resources you need to add that extra something to pull your projects together.


Right now I am offering a 25% discount during this difficult time while businesses continue to adjust and adapt to the challenges of coronavirus.  To activate your discount, visit the Relaxing Music Shop and use code: HEAL25 during checkout.

The music offered through Rebecca Reads Recordings is royalty free (you will find more details about my music license here).  This collection includes chakra healing music, binaural beats, nature sounds, world music, and relaxing space music.  If you have questions or need any assistance please visit my contact page or on Facebook.


Other Resources

If you are moving more of your services online, there are many resources that can help you get started.  For voice recording, there is an open-source program called Audacity.  There is no charge to use it (they accept donations), and you will find many informative videos on YouTube to help you learn how to use this amazing software.