Rebecca Reads, Therapeutic Music Producer 

With over 10 years experience in studio editing, music composing & production, Rebecca is truly able to bring your project to life!

RELAXATION MUSIC:  I've created a large volume of calming & therapeutic tracks for commercial use.  I provide unique flexibility in my music license so that you have more freedom in how it's used.

CUSTOM MUSIC: My studio is packed with impressive instruments and endless possibilities!  I create studio and field recordings plus work in most genres & styles.  


VOICE TALENT:   I also record high quality voice-overs for meditation, short story, documentary, poetry reading, or children’s storytelling. 


Rebecca Reads, composer, voice actress, rebecca reads recordings


Working with audio communication is my passion. I’m a keen musician working creatively in a mixture of genres to produce soothing, relaxing music. Music inspiration is drawn from the immense physical beauty of planet Earth, the stars and wonders above, and the forests, mountains and bays around my home in Maine. I'm a proud mama of 3 children that amaze me every day. I feel so thankful to be blessed with my family, and the ability to create music.


I hope that these tracks bring inspiration and happiness!


Experience: Live performance, vocal recording artist & music composing/production 2005 to present.  Instructed by various musicians in France, Germany, England, and the US in singing/vocal recording, editing and music production.

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