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Rebecca Reads Recordings

Ambient, Meditation, Relax, Dreamwave


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Harmony of Heart and Mind
0.1 Hz Dreamwave

Relaxing, deeply enchanting dreamwave music for healing the connection between heart and mind (with 0.1 Hz frequency). This album is designed for self-soothing to release dopamine into the body. Process emotions and alleviate depression and anxiety (find solace and catharsis).

Release: December 12, 2022

License through Pond5

Available now on iTunes / Spotify

Dream Warrior
Delta Wave for Sleep and Relaxation

Travel through a fantasy world of different relaxing spaces.

Includes Delta wave binaural beats for regeneration and healing (1.0 Hz).  

Dream. Understand. Overcome. Heal.

Release: June 22, 2022

License through Pond5

Available now on iTunes / Spotify

Tantric Resonance Synodic Moon

Layers of soothing sounds, emotions, and tantric energies weave together and entwine with the Moon's frequency (210.42 Hz).


Health.  Vitality.  Connection.  Happiness.

Release: November 25, 2021

License through Pond5

Available now on iTunes / Spotify

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